5 Kitchen Tips and 2 Simple Recipes

1. Brown your meat-Try not to stir it too often, letting it stick a little so it gets a somewhat charred look.

2. Don’t soak your pot-Instead, put a drop of dish soap with about a cup of water. Bring to a boil and gently scrape the remaining food off with a stirring spoon or spatula. I rather this method because it is easier and gets the job done much better. Sometimes soaking it just delays the vigorous scrubbing and scraping of nasty soggy gritty food particles.

3. Cut your cutting time in half-Being in a new mom fog I suppose is why I did not think of these until after baby #2. The following hacks are much easier than using a knife.

Pizza cutters are no longer just for pizza! Try using it for pancakes, grill cheese, tortillas and more.

Have an egg slicer? It is perfect for slicing meats, fruits, and softer veggies into smaller more uniform bites.

4. Bag those scraps-If you are like me and dislike cutting over a trash can then try these hacks. Place a shopping bag in the sink with one handle around the faucet. Another option is wrapping shopping bags handles around the cabinet nobs to hold the bag open.

5. Extra love into simple dishes-My friend’s kid thinks I make the best tacos and I use the same box most moms use. So I’m guessing it is maybe how I cook them. Which is really just an extra easy step or two as you can see in the recipe below.


1 Taco Kit

1 lb. Ground Turkey

15 oz. can Pinto Beans


*favorite toppings


Brown and drain meat

Stir in seasoning with meat

Add water and undrained beans

Cook on medium for 4 min

Use a spatula to break meat up into very small pieces allowing taco flavor set in

Mash beans as well for better flavor and digestion (blends better for picky eaters)

Cook on low 4 minutes to allow flavors to set in

Serve in the preferred shell with favorite toppings

Sometimes it is more how you cook something than what you are actually cooking. Take peas for instance. You can just throw them in a pot until hot, right? Or you can add a little extra love. Here is my recipe for a savory side of peas…


2 can of Petite Pois (Peas)

1/2 tsp Garlic Powder

1/4 tsp pepper

1/4 tsp turmeric

1 tsp butter


Empty one undrained can into a saucepan and cook on medium heat for 8 min.

Add garlic, pepper, and turmeric

Mash peas until slightly pasty

Add second (drained) can of peas and butter

Cook on low/medium heat for another 8 min.

Bonus Tip: After your meal is cooked. Set heat to low and wait about 5 minutes before serving to let flavors set in.

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