7 Mommy & Tyke Exercises

Guess what? (Cue GOT voice) Summer is coming. Not a Game of Thrones fan? AWKward­čśĆ heh heh.

If you are seriously wanting to get more active and tone up, but…kids. I compiled several of our best mommy & tyke exercises just for you! I am not a personal trainer so do these at your own risk. I have, however, taken many exercise classes since weight & diet are things I struggled with since grade school. The 7 exercises are listed below followed by a short video for visuals.

1. Hoop LungeTwist

2. Cross-over Kicks

3. Around the World Squats

4. Kid’s Freestyle

5. Caterpillar Fives

6. Bubble Squats

7. Bubble Side Lunges

(Music: Outside by Iksonofficial)

Chances are you may not be able to do them all in one shot because the kids will surely need mommy’s attention. Note the different attire is no wardrobe change, but indeed different days. Hopefully though, you can squeeze in at least a few repetitions of a couple of the exercises. Remember to stretch and stay hydrated! As always…

Take careÔŁĄ

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