7 Tips for Little Picky Eaters

Ugh…meal times, right?

My kids were not picky when starting solids, but I have found their taste buds had to be redeveloped after two.  They loved a variety of foods as infants, but once they were introduced to sugary salty snacks they no longer wanted anything healthy.


If you can relate to this and want some tips, here is what has helped us…

1-be the example…if you are an adventurous eater, chances are they will be too

2-keep them busier with only small healthier snacks between meals so they are good and hungry when meals are served

3-sit down with a healthy snack and sure enough, their hands will be in the bowl even though they said no to that snack earlier (like 10 times)

4-allow them to take small tastes of things without feeling pressure to swallow or eat more

5-even if they did not like it last time, ask again their taste buds may have changed

6-have them pretend to be giraffes, rabbits, or puppies while you feed them spinach, carrots, etc.

7-deconstruct meals/use cute shapes-for example instead of a rolled taco place meat in one section, cheese in another, and tortilla stars in another


The kids snatched this salad mix off of the counter while I was preparing dinner.  Their bodies know what they need so even if chocolate is requested at every meal they actually want the healthy stuff as well.  Sometimes it just takes more effort.

So these tips are exactly how I developed my little one’s palettes and got them back on track with better nutrition.  Best of luck to you! I know it is a constant battle.  Just keep trying and know that one tiny bite of carrot puts like .04% more vitamin A into their system (#winning)!

Disclaimer: the above percentage is probably wrong, but you get the point😉

Also if you are really concerned with your child’s nutrition please consult a pediatric nutritionist.

Take care mama❤

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