Welcome to Parenthood

The place where your choices affect everyone and everyone feels the need to voice their opinion about it. Sorry, were you expecting something more positive? I’ll get there in a minute.

I just want you to be prepared as new parents. There’s the one who will tell you not to complain about your swollen ankles because you chose to get pregnant or some women wish they could be pregnant. There’s the “don’t eat too much of that, you are gonna get fat” person.

Then here comes baby yay! But there’s the “I know all things baby and you should do what I say” person. There’s also the “Oh you’re that mom” eye rolling person. There is the get in their face and touch them stranger. There’s the come over with a cold saying it’s good for their immunity (even though that’s what vaccines are for and they won’t be there to care for your sick child or pay the medical bills) person.

Then when your baby isn’t new anymore there will be no-one.

So here is the good part…you can’t control others, but you can control yourself. Maybe by the hardest because well, hormones. You would think Vet moms would take that into consideration, but they don’t. I am only now starting to realize how they can forget so much. It is because everything is passing by at such a fast pace that it is hard to store every memory and emotion.

My regret is letting others take away the joy of motherhood. Because it affected me, it affected my family. That is why I am sharing this. So you know that it is not you and you know people will have an opinion no matter what. So make the decisions that are best for you and your family with confidence. Do your very best to ignore the rest. Because there will be enough difficult parenting moments and the years really do start to fly by.

Open those tired eyes a little wider and focus on all of the sweet amazing moments. There may be times of loneliness where you feel underappreciated, but there really isn’t a person on Earth (besides maybe your mom) that will love you more than your baby. So guard your heart and be the strong, happy mommy he/she deserves.

Also, you and dad need each other and more importantly baby needs both of you! When you get snappy because of sleep deprivation and hunger forgive each other quickly. Forgive yourself as well. Communicate your needs. Give each other support, encouragement, and rest. And remember a family that works together, plays together, and prays together is way more likely to stay together.

Take care 💕

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