Little People, BIG Emotions-7 tips

1. The Art of Distraction

If ever there is a time to be grateful for short attention spans of a child it is during a fit. Something as simple as making an interesting noise, silly face, or singing a song can stop the loud teary tantrum in its tracks. Once the child is calm then “talking it out” will be more effective.

2. Restore Peace

It’s hard to restore peace if you allow the chaotic energy to strike a nerve. I really try my best not to yell because it’s not good for any of us, but let’s face it sometimes screaming children cannot hear you. Taking a couple of calming breaths before speaking can help. I actually started using that exact phrase in our home when the kids start bickering… “restore peace.” They get the general idea of peace from our Bible studies. Another little thing that may be working is the present I received for Mother’s Day, a Peace Lily Plant. Every week we had one or two leaves yellow and wilt. Remembering what I heard about some essential oil crops that workers are instructed not to curse or speak negatively around the flowers. I told the children they may be harming the plant with their arguing. Now when a fight breaks out I just say, “Shh, the plant may turn yellow again.” Hey, the leaves have been greener so who’s to say?

3. Calm Conversation

Once peace is restored open up a calm conversation. Reminding your child not of their actions, but of the situation. Then give positive examples of how they can react the next time that happens.

i.e. Throws fit about spilling their bowl of food.

Accidents happen so if you ever spill your food again just say, “help please.” And I will help clean it and get you more, ok?

4. Intentional T.V.

Children are sensitive beings. They imitate what the see and play off of the vibe in the room. So make sure you are aware of any shows or games they watch or play. As a matter of fact, a couple months ago, I downloaded a super cute pet game for our newly 6-year-old. It had an ad in it about a killer clown! Shame on my ignorance I guess, but I thought kid’s games=kid’s ads. (Nope😟) So a lot of prayers and an intentional Christian DVD called “Don’t Be Afraid” later, she finally stopped thinking about it. Poor Sweetpea. So good clean music, movies, games=better vibes & happier lives.

5. Pray Together

Growing up my mom taught us to recite a few prayers at night, but that is really as far as prayer and faith went. I am grateful that my husband carried saying “grace” at mealtimes into our family from his. And when the kiddos are afraid of bad weather (or clowns eeks) we pray that God takes away our fears and makes us brave. Then we ask for protection and thank Him for our shelter. It not only helps for the moment but in the long run when life throws curve balls they will know what to do.

6. Kid Devotionals

We just started doing these in class opposed to just the simple verse of the month. It provides more of a thought-provoking conversation. Another new routine has been reading children’s devotionals on the YouVersion Bible App at night. It is family time spent we look forward to now.

7. Worship

Yesss🙌Praise JESUS! There are a few of our favorite songs that we randomly sing throughout the day. Training the mind and spirit to focus on what we do have is a blessing. Living with a grateful heart is a gift to be joyfully lived and shared. Let’s remember to let His light shine in our home which He has given. Amen! Rejoice!

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