5 Things Strangers Should Stop Asking Children!

IMO, that’s short for In My Opinion. You probably already knew that, but hey let me have this lol. Anyway, I think there is nothing wrong with friendly strangers. Saying hello to my children is fine, but sometimes things should stop there. Maybe a how are you today? Afterall most are just nice people not met yet rather than strangers. So I feel a little bad when our children clamor a bit when asked for personal information making things awkward. On the other side if we think about it we were all taught at some point to be leary of strangers.

1. What’s your name?

Seriously if you are an adult that will probably never see my family again then there is no reason for you to know my child’s name. Maybe I’m just jealous because ya’ll never ask my name😜. FYI many schools now advise not putting your child’s name in plain sight because it is a potential risk for abduction. So don’t take it personally.

2. How old are you?

This one is not a big deal unless in times where people are obviously trying to judge my parenting. My children have always been on the tall side for their age group. People sometimes inquired about their age in a caddy way, like if I spoke to them in simple words or if they were throwing a tantrum. Once a woman asked why my daughter wasn’t in her Kindergarten class that day. My response was, “Well she isn’t even 4 yet sssooo…”

3. What school do you go to?

Due to child abductions, this is obviously something we teach our children not to share with strangers. Mine are homeschooled so we really don’t have to worry about that, but giving that answer will bring on a whole new set of questions not to ask.

4. Want some _______ (insert food/drink)?

Another thing we teach our kids is not to take food from strangers. Now there is the decision to offend the stranger or confuse the child. Besides, you could be offering a child something they are allergic too. You don’t know so try to ask the parent first, please.

5. What are you dressing up for on Halloween? So you don’t trick or treat? Do you even know what that is?

Shocker!! Not everyone feels the need to follow the crowd. It does not make us bigots or them candy deprived. Last time I checked we live in America and can freely choose our beliefs/lifestyle. Which for some reason offends many yet affects no one. Last year our daughter was drilled with these questions by a shoe store employee and I was so glad that she had every answer for the invasively curious woman.

Unfortunately, though we are now forced to participate in this new thing called being “boo’d.” Who the heck decided moms need more to add to their to-do list? If you don’t know what it is someone creeps over to your house and anonymously leaves a bucket of scary toys, candy, etc. Included is a note…

: exasperated sigh :

…with directions. Because moms again need more things to do. The directions are to make 2 (not 1, but TWO) sets of copies of the letters to curse, I mean BOO 2 other families with buckets and goodies I am now expected to purchase. No. Just noooo! I’m not using my time, paper, ink, and money to insue in this madness. Guess I’m the Ebenezer of Halloween👻 BOOhumbug!

My apologies for getting a bit off-topic and I hope I didn’t make any enemies here. My posts are always meant to inspire or expand perception…not to put down opposing views. I’m for everyone living YOUR best life! K, pumpkin🎃

In my next post, I will share our untraditional Halloween traditions.

‘Til then, take care❤

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