Merry Almost Christmas🎄

Hey there😀

It’s been awhile. We have been some busy bees🐝 Well sick bees too…nothing serious…just the flu, sinus infections, and upper respiratory virus. That’s right… (Oprah voice) you get a virus and you get a virus and you get a virus. 🎉

Needless to say, we have been home alot and needed to bring some extra holiday cheer.

Now for the fun stuff! Being the weather here is usually yucky at this time and we only have a 4 foot tree, the inflatables stay indoors for our littles to enjoy. First, we started with Unicorn Ring Toss!

Next, our 6 year old played ring toss on Chase’s ear while our 3 year old tried tossing rice sacks in his wreath. Festive, fun, and great games for hand eye coordination.

If you are tired of all the paper towel roll crafts, try this. We made snowmen ornaments using old glasses lenses. Maybe you have an old pair laying around somewhere. Sunglass lenses may even work. We found our lenses at a recycling center downtown for .25 cents a piece.

These are just a couple of activities we are using to pass the time until we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Of course we have been drinking hot cocoa and watching a few Christmas movies. Besides the holiday episodes on common children’s stations we have a couple of new favorites. The Star🌟 is an adorable movie about the Journey of Jesus’ birth told by Bo a donkey that belongs to Mary and Joseph. It has adorable characters and we are absolutely in love with the soundtrack! We also discovered a series called Bible Adventures from the kid devotionals on the YouVersion Bible App. You can also find them on Youtube.

To boost morale around here we have also been going through a season of digital detox and it is amazing. Yes we watch a movie here and there and I’m on here now, but other than that no more face in a screen(even if it is timed & educational).

Another change of season is we aren’t buying toys. We have found toys just get dumped and thrown around. The things our kids want and the things they actually enjoy are not toys. They love things to do so we are focusing on that. No more battery operated toys because:

1. Cost

2. Overstimulating

3. No Safe Disposal

If your kids are like mine. Focus on things for building-legos, foam blocks, magnatiles/formers. Family board games, wooden puzzles, look & find books, or art supplies are great options as well. Even better if you can find a gift that also gives! For example, Cuddle & Kind provides artisans in Peru jobs making heirloom quality stuffed animals that help feed children. Now that is the spirit of Christmas!

Well if you made it this far, haha, bless you! Happy holidays, whether you celebrate Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or Christmas. Rejoice🙌a savior is born👑

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