9 plants to give instead of flowers for Mother’s Day

Why get flowers that will just die in a week when you can gift a living piece of mother nature as gratitude to your very own mother❤ Surrounding a home with beautiful plants can be beneficial in many ways.   They not only give a home more curb appeal but creates a serene atmosphere for one’s physical and emotional wellness.

Our backyard was bare when we moved in and while it is no professional masterpiece, I am happy with all of the blooms that are thriving. I want to add that I don’t have the greenest thumb and stay busy with the littles so the following plants must be pretty low maintenance.

1. Iris

It’s beauty says it all.

2. Lavender

Besides the pretty purple blooms, this plants aroma is very pleasant. Just gently pet it then smell your hands. Lavender is also known to deter mosquitos as well as #3 & #4 on this list. Much better than the citronella plant in my experience.

3. Rosemary

Mmmm…this is another one of my favorite aromatic plants to pet and smell. It also makes a tasty addition to chicken dishes.

5. Garlic

Another multitasking plant is garlic. It is known for deterring mosquitos and as a flavoring in many recipes.

6. Banana Magnolia

You don’t have to pet this bush to smell the Ah-mazing scent. Unless you hate bananas…then keep scrolling haha. Aren’t the blossoms just lovely though?

7. Lantana

We refer to this one as the butterfly bush. That’s right butterflies love hanging around the vibrant petals! Which is very exciting for anyone, but especially the little ones.

8. Aloe

Aloe is a life saver plant because it has the ability to not only clean air, but can take the sting out of a burn as well. Which is why mine resides in the kitchen.

9. Peace Lily

E! I just got this beauty as an early Mother’s Day gift. Living in a humid place near a busy road, I wanted a large house plant to help clean the air.

Sharing this little guy as a bonus because he was so photogenic. Hopefully, this has inspired you to adopt some plants of your own. If you have some already please comment your favorites. Until next time…

Take care❤